Sunday, February 22, 2009

New jumpers - think New Macey!

For the majority of their years in service the 620/720 class railcars were equipped with Wilco multiple unit jumper cables and receptacles which were coded Red and yellow to distinguish roles.

In the late 1990's when the installation of the door and fire suppression system required additional and more reliable circuits the yellow jumpers were replaced with a higher capacity jumper system which used heads that were square in shape. These receptacles were coloured grey.

Prior to Goodwin Alco taking possession of 629/729 it was unfortunately involved in a shunting mishap which saw a "grey" jumper receptacle ripped from its mounts due to the jumper not being removed prior to uncoupling the cars.

Fortunately for Goodwin Alco, company New Macey based at Tomago near Newcastle offered to help with the repair of the jumper, cabling and connection. New Macey are electrical connection specialists and supply couplings, connectors and jumper cables for rollingstock including the RailCorp XPT & OSCAR fleets.

After cleaning up the old head....

...the continuity of the new wiring and pins was checked....

...and the wires retaged ready for installation on trailer 729.

The jumper cables also recieved the attention of an overhaul with both green and yellow type jumpers being cleaned up, repinned and tested to bring them back to " as new" condition.

Thanks guys for a great job.
If you ever need a relaible and secure electical connection contact New Macey: