Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Preparation is the key.

Work on the 629/729 continues at a steady and methodical pace with preparations being made to ready the set for repainting into an authentic livery.

Many days of work have already been focussed on the inside of the trailer car and the exteriors of both cars with the following pics recording some of the recent prep and paint efforts to get 629 into primer.

The fog lights fitted to some cars in recent years have been removed for later repositioning and to help restore the set to a more original appearance.

Removal of the external bar saddles has revealed minor corrosion in some areas and is progressively being sanded, treated and primed to arrest further deterioration.

With prepworks complete the windows are masked.....

....a good base coat of primer applied to seal the skin.

The even finish of the grey provides a great canvass to highlight any imperfections and need for additional works.

With 629 sealed up its back to the waiting trailer car for more of the same.