Friday, June 5, 2009

Small steps

While the marathon of body restoration works continues on cars 729 & 629 other small tasks are also being completed as time permits.
Recent reports have confirmed that the selection of 629/729 for preservation was a sound choice and it appears that the 2 engines are in good order and are not suffering like its preserved sister sets. To ensure the ongoing health of the engines a coolant concentration test has been completed with excellent results measured. To celebrate both engines were turned over with ease and the No 2 motor run for a short time. Its heartening to know that not only are the engines well but the batteries are in good order too!

The jumper recepatacles on the ends of the cars have obviously had a very hard life with the lids and casing badly cracked and damaged.

To support future multiple unit operations the decision was made to overhaul or replace them and so our oldmates at New Macey were again approached to work their magic.

The before and after shot clearly shows the excellent work that Rick and his team deliver with the rebuilt units looking like new.

With the first overhauled unit remounted in place theres a sense that its all starting to come together.