Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Progress at Paterson

Clear skies and warm days have resulted in good progress with trailer 729 at Paterson.

Body preparation works have almost finished and with the undercoat applied the top coat is being sprayed onto some panels.

Everyone is looking forward to an original liveried set again but theres much less enthusiasm about the job of applying the lining!

At least on the car sides the task will be easier.

Inside our contracted carpenter has completed the first stages of the floor reinstatement.

The new timber is down, secured and ready for a sand to prepare for the floor covering.

Even the vestibule tread plate drains have been restored to their correct position, the first time in many years!

A lot of old damp and rotten timber has been removed....

... and tell tale signs of past variations identified.

Now its back to preping the walls, adding the trims and more painting......