Monday, November 2, 2009

Face lift

During its 46 year life the 629/729 has undergone several makeovers to keep it on track with the changing railway regimes.

As introduced to service the 2 car diesel train wore a livery of Indian red relieved with yellow lining, whiskers and end of car "eyes". This attractive livery served for 3/4's of its in service life with the only change being the removal of the above window side line.

Escaping the "reverse"era, the 629/729 was painted in the Belbin designed "Candy" livery during the mid 1980's. This bright livery which is still loved by many certainly brightened the fleet but was not to last long.

During an attempt to cheaply give the Newcastle railcar fleet a makeover several sets including the 629/729 were treated to a coat of all over brown with a single orange waist band line. Unfortunately due to the poor quality paint used these sets faded quickly and locally became known as "turds".

With commuter complaints being received about old trains in service and a shortage of funds to replace them, the remaining sets in service at Newcastle were treated to the Cityrail "Prong"livery which attempted to make them look more like their modern "Endeavour" stable mates. It was this livery that the 629/729 wore when she finished her public service career.

With restoration well advanced the painting team has now commenced the next face lift to restore the 629/729 to her original livery.

With the lower end completely covered in 2 coast of yellow 729 briefly looks like the long fallen North West railcar 403!

The original line work on the ends of the cars was extensive and so careful planning with picture and drawing references was made to ensure that the final product is correct. Greg Edwards excellent "Datasheets" drawings work well to produce 12 inch to the foot gauge models too!

The side lines are carefully measured, checked and remeasured to make sure they're in the right spot, evenly spaced and parallel.

To prevent overspray the cab windows are masked again....

While the signwriter tends to the intricate curves of the eyes and whiskers.

At the end of a tiring day the effort looks great and ready for the Indian red to be sprayed but what will the final result look like??????