Sunday, November 1, 2009


While some may call it rivet counting, and others may curse at the extra time it takes, the attention to detail with the restoration of the 729 / 629 will ensure that the result is historicly correct and preserves the look of an era of train travel now past.
With the speckle and other paint finishes in place the saloon areas of 729 are looking like new and now require only final touch ups and the refitting of lights, overhead ribbed rack carpet and rubber before its ready for the floor covering and seats to be reinstated.

As reported previously, the iced drinking water unit has been included in the restoration program and with the fitting of original signage plates (thanks Andy) its ready for a second service career.

Even the waxed cups are back in place.

The lights in the vestibules were changed in later days with simple rectangle units being installed.

Fortunately a supply of early round fittings with original domed glass have been obtained which Bob took no time to install.

All they need now is a lick of ceiling white paint and it will be like they never left.

Left till last, the toilet cubicles in the centre of the trailer car are now at the head of the queue for a tidy up. Stripping the doors of labelling and fittings allows a thorough clean prior to painting......

....but has also revealed some labelling of the locking fittings that proves that what went into workshops didnt always come out in the same configuration.

Several components bearing other numbers including that from DEB set cars 902 & 954 have been discovered to date but the most common numbers by far are 629 & 729. The restoration team anxiously awaits finding a component off 3805.

More detail not seen for many years being prepared to be added to the outside of the cars are replica builders plates.

The counting continues........