Saturday, December 12, 2009

A year down the track.

It seems like only yesterday that Project Sputnik commenced with the movement of The 629/729 to the Paterson home of The Rail Motor Society. The completion of recent efforts has the set on show again and highlighting some of the many tasks undertaken during the last 12 months which have transformed the cars from their ex service "Prong" Cityrail livery.

After masking up of the whiskers the final coats of body colour have now been applied to the ends.....

...and also sides of the cars to return them to their 1960's Indian Red livery.

Once again Tony Matthew's wonderful efforts have made the lettering task so much easier and authentic shaded lettering and numbers have been applied to the end doors..... the centre section to reinstate the cars codes and numbers..... the sides to denote seating classes.......

...and of course to the luggage area doors so the Guards will know where they have to get in.

With the tape off the cars are again looking very much like they did in their early years of service.

From across the tracks passing passengers and crew can now witness the reborn "local set" as they pass the TRMS depot although there are still many tasks inside to complete before they will also get the chance to travel in the cars.

Thanks to all our supporters during this first project year especially the board and members of TRMS for their friendship and assistance.