Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back to the attack

With the repainting of RailCorp heritage set 621/721 completed the team have returned to the attack of the restoration of 629 & 729.
Although most of the body painting has been completed many of the defered tidy up jobs have been tackled including the removal of the last traces of Cityrail blue with a lick of paint around the lower window inserts.......

....a cut in of the door edges and frames......

........and the fiddly bits including jumper receptacles and air hose heads and taps.

The application of the final shaded lettering has also been commenced.

The seats are bolted to mounting plates which are screwed into the floor timber.

As the originals are mild steel and have obviously had a hard life the decision has been made to remove and replace them.

This will also allow easier sanding of the floor ready for the new floor covering to be laid.

New stainless steel floor mounts have been manufactured and are ready for installation.

Some mechanical matters have also been rectified with a radiator compartment oil leak being traced to a split in a fan motor drive hose.

Years of exposure to constant heat from the exhaust and radiators had taken its toll and the hose was so brittle that it broke completely through on removal.

The oil lines come up through the floor into the radiator compartment from the pump below and feed up to the roof mounted radiator units. With all the gear in there plus leaking oil its not a great place to work.

Thanks to some great work by the guys from Pirtek at Cardiff new hoses were made available and have been refitted ready for many more years service.