Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bright spark

With the floor work well advanced and the interior still cleared of seats the services of former Sputnik Sparkie Ben have been engaged to ensure all electrical matters are correct on The 629 & The 729.

ben hatch

It was if he’d never been away from working on these cars when Ben lifted the floor hatches and got down to business on the terminal boxs.

engine terminal strip

A peek inside the above engine mounted box revealed a sorry sight with considerable corrosion and dirt around the terminal strips.

dirty strip

Fortunately the wiring and mounts themselves were found to be in good order under all the crud so the cleaning process commenced……

box clean

…and the wiring was soon looking like new again.

clean terminals

Bens next port of call was the centre control cabinets of 629 where labelling in his own handwriting was discovered still in place 10 years on.

Deja vu

These cabinets were also found to be very dirty and littered throughout flaking paint stripped by previously leaking coolant.

dirty cabinet

After a couple of hours of cleaning the cabinets are now in much better shape, you can even read the cable markers!

clean cabinet

Moving onto the cab Ben got back in the saddle and after removing the controller cover..

cover off

…the throttle contact switches were checked for operation.

back at the desk

Underneath the car the engine control cabinets were found to need extensive work to bring them back to a suitable standard. After several hours all circuits and terminals were checked and the OK given for running tests.

ben control box

With many loose connectors and again a dirty interior these cabinets will keep Ben busy for days.

control inside

Thanks Ben, come back soon!