Thursday, June 3, 2010

Enter the sandman

With the new floor in place and internal works well progressed the day to do the job that everyone had hoped they wouldn't be around for arrived.

While the new ply floor presented a generally good surface it is essential that the surface was made clean, level, the joints flush and ready for the vinyl floor covering.

After the not unusual problems associated with hired and generally neglected apparatus were dealt with the team prepared for the days activities.

First job: Pete arms the sander for the days work. This activity was to be repeated many times during the day as the sanding sheets clogged and wore out.

set up

2nd job: Using the edging sander (also known as the “Back breaker”) Steve tidies up the joints to make sure all floor sheets meet well.


3rd job: Cranking up the sanding machine and attack the floor.

sand  man

4th job: (an all day job) While Pete takes the machine for another “walk” Steve is seen on cord management duty ensuring nothing is damaged, delayed or electrified.

keeper of the cord

Job done: The sanded, even floor waits for the next stage and then the vinyl layers. Its a shame the efforts of all that hard work will never be seen again!


Thanks to a great team effort there was time to spare in the afternoon so Painter Pete returned to the outstanding task list and applied another coat of silver on the roof of 629.


Theres still many tasks to complete but thankfully the list is getting shorter.