Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day wash day

With the festivities of Christmas day still limiting activity and the Aussies at 4/58 also having a lack lustre day the decision was made to at least progress some heritage work and thus made the day a real wash out!

As reported previously the original blinds sourced from our oldmates at Paterson are in reasonable general condition but carry many stains and marks which need to be removed.


After surveying the available appliances at Home (and confirming the opinion of the Minister for Domestic affairs) it was decided that a task of this magnitude required equally capable machinery.

serious machinery

A trip to the local laundromat found all machines available for use and so the pre wash treatment of the stubborn stains commenced.


Some of the blinds had serious marks (DNA?) so a good squirt of preen and a pre soak was applied before the blinds were pushed into the machines and the suds turned onto high!


Even though they were big barrelled, 3 machines were simultaneously required to wash the 2 cars worth of blinds.

45 minutes later the blinds were washed and due to the also soggy weather were transferred into dryers.


After another 45 minutes of listening to the deteriorating test the now dry blinds were removed, inspected and folded, their original golden glow now restored and ready to reenter service.


Stayed tuned for the next exciting episode – who said railway restoration isnt fun!