Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heart of glass

Following a call from our oldmate scrappy our compass was again showing us heading west for another visit to the home of Western bank engine working and preservation– Valley Heights so save more heritage items.


As we set up, the hills began to echo to the sounds of a modern day “diesel train” XPT W27 as it headed past and into the 1 in 33’s.


Whilst the cars had been shunted down to the bottom roads little little else had changed with their condition…..

….and the team soon gathered and got to work.

interior strip

The windows in these Country cars had shutters rather than blinds…


..which meant plenty of screws had to be undone from the 3 sets of runner strips/both sides per window.


Even the ex fitter got the hang of using a screwdriver in the end…….


With the strips unscrewed and the 2 shutters removed


the sash cords were unclipped

windows out

and the windows removed.

frame clean

The result was a clear frame, devoid of strips, shutters and windows.

736 stripping

Close inspection of the strips revealed the detailed construction that went into these cars with all parts being individually machined and placed.

front win

With the saloons cleared attention turned to the end windows


and with the “bug eyes” rivets drilled out


The windows were prized from their silicone sealed placement


revealing some very ordinary timber framework.

timber frame

With the car stripped oldmates posed for a last pic in the cab


And then loaded up the hire truck.


With the car devoid of glass, the scrappy and the RTM boys will have less issues to clean up after the sacrifice is complete

736 stripped

and before our departure a minute of reflection is held in respect for the beast unit 636/736.

736 goodbye

After a few hours drive up the Highway, Motorway and freeway

strips and shutters

the booty of strips & shutters…..


and window glass is unloaded at Paterson.

Whilst 636/736 will rest in peace never to be rostered again the oldmates take solace in the fact that we recognised the heritage donor potential of set 636/736 to support ongoing preservation activities and its sacrifice will benefit 629/729 and other vehicles.