Monday, April 5, 2010

More floor and fit out fun

front of shed

The refit of the 629 power car has made great progress due to the efforts of our hired hands “Clint & co” who provide their professional services and make the job look all so easy.

all up

With the old floor completely removed an inspection of the floor hatches, framework, the tanks, engines and pipe work below them was had to ensure all was right before the new flooring went down.

back down

To avoid the need for future reworks new black jacked joists were installed and rebolted back to the frame like the original installation.

new joists

As was found in car 729 some of the partition timber around the lower walls was rotted and so was also replaced.

partition rot

An inspection higher up on some panels showed that this was not the first time that this repair had been done so the whole panel was replaced. Obviously the vestibule wall and floor areas used to suffer badly when doors were left open.

partition pop

To help with long term protection the areas previously or likely to be exposed to moisture have received a protective coat of blackjack. Thanks to the central door locking system and reinstatement of the tread drains the moisture problem should be a thing of the past.

blackjack step

The steps are all now refitted and the floor restored to its original integrity.

step fit

The trailer car has temporarily become a storage area for seats and other materials.

seats staked

The ladies toilet floor was found to be in very poor condition and required complete replacement.


old toilet floor

2 layers of concrete had been laid over the rotten ply floor and had to be chipped out to get to the original timber layers underneath.

sink gone

The sink vanity is recessed into the floor so the components were removed and cleaned whilst out.

sink bits

With new joists, marine ply and the floor drain back in place this floor should weather any spillages well for many years to come.

toilet floor

To provide better work access the toilet doors were removed from their frames and repainted during the flooring works.

toilet doors paint

In the luggage area the transformation from drab grey to original cream has been completed….

luggage area paint

….including in those hard to get at places behind the main reservoir which have to be painted from outside through the window.

luggage window

With the floor back in place 629’s walls have also received their finish coats of green and fleck.

629 new floor

The final refit is not far away.

629 interior walls