Monday, May 3, 2010

Detail developments

With the painter away some time has been spent tidying up some detail pieces without fear of being “top coated”.

The saloon fans in the cars were received in various states of completeness so the stock of spares was unearthed and components sorted.

  fan parts

Working on fans is fiddly and can be a stretch due to their position high on the bulkheads.

Fan cage

With the front of the cage off the motor can be checked, cleaned and the blade assembly replaced. Fans with 3 and 4 metal blades have been identified and there are even some later versions with dubious purple plastic blades. They wont be around for long!

 fan apart

Another reassembled fan complete with RGE badge is ready for the hot trips ahead.

complete fan

The passenger saloons are equipped with an Alarm Signal box which passengers can activate to alert crew. The red and blue cover plates have seen many years service and were screwed back in place having been removed to protect them from paint specs.

Alarm cover

Like many doors on the cars, the drinking water cabinet is secured with recessed square key locks. In later years when the unit was covered over the protective chrome opening surrounds were removed  and luckily a couple were found to complete its reinstatement.

lock cover

The saloon lights have obviously been the subject of attack from unruly passengers with the glass shades long gone and even the replacement plastic units broken and missing.

light bucket

The intention is to reinstate original glass fluted shades throughout the passenger areas so the chrome mounts have been removed for polishing and replacement of any damaged components. The photo below shows the components which make up the mounts including a broken rubber grommet which cushions between the retaining fitting and the shade to hold it firmly in place and avoid cracking the shade.

lamp holder

The last of the rectangular light fittings have been replaced in the freshly painted vestibule and toilet areas with original glass domed units. This should give the painter something to mutter about upon his return!

vestibule lights

Other original fittings were also reinstated in the Mens toilet with a NSWR mirror, new paper towel dispenser and the chrome window handrail now back in place.